Learning Center


The Learning Center at Mansfield University is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. We are dedicated to providing a success-oriented learning environment that focuses on the essentials of what is needed to succeed in college. Our student support programs are designed to assist students in maximizing their academic potential.

We provide peer tutors, writing center tutors and supplemental instruction study sessions. Each of these student support programs focus on course content as well as collaborative student learning processes that are designed to actively engage the learner.

The Learning Center at Mansfield University provides helpful study strategies and tips on-line. We also hold a series of workshops to assist in enhancing your study skills and learning strategies.


The mission of the Mansfield University Learning Center is to support, encourage and empower students to become independent, self-advocating, resourceful, and lifelong learners.


Our vision is to become a place where both faculty and students willingly rely on our resources, where they are free to question, take risks, and effectively achieve their academic and pedagogical goals.


COURSE SELECTION & REGISTRATION                                                                                     with Professor Rotella:                                                                                                        Monday, 10/11/18 7:00-8:00 pm                                                                             102 South Hall

Please check back as more workshops and dates will be added!