Mountie Minute Post

Mountie Minute Post

Construction/Project Safety Notice

Posted by Jim Welch for 5-17-17

Concrete Stair Replacement – The stairs from Wilson Street to the Allen Hall Parking Lot (S Lot) are going to be unavailable beginning today (5/16/2017) through approximately 6/16/2017. This project will address the deteriorating concrete steps and replace with new steps and handrails. Limited parking spaces along Wilson Street and in the S Parking lot will not be available during this project.


North Hall East Stair tower Roof Replacement – The roof replacement of the East emergency access stairs will taking place beginning Monday May 22, 2017. This project will limit vehicle and pedestrian access to the rear of North Hall. Emergency access through these stairs at the ground level will not be available. For an egress emergency please exit through the main building stairs or the East stairs and exit onto the First Floor.

This project is expected to take 3-4 days to complete.


As always weather can extend or shorten the project timelines, but please do not enter active work areas on campus.


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