Our Department

Our Department

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

We are a student-centered, academic department committed to teaching and learning about psychology and inspiring student appreciation of a life directed by personal growth and integrity. We prepare students for meaningful careers and personal lives, advanced study in psychology or related areas, and service to the community.

Our Vision

  • Students who are actively engaged and challenged as they learn about psychology.
  • A department that leads the way in studying, assessing, and improving the ways in which we teach and our students learn.
  • A collaborative department where faculty and students pursue their academic and professional goals with enthusiasm and integrity.
  • High standards of scholarship and student-faculty research that advance our mission and learning goals.
  • A department where students and faculty recognize the importance of service to others and shared leadership for improvement of the common good.
  • Students and faculty who apply their learning about psychology to their personal and career roles.
  • University, community, and national recognition of our faculty and students for their accomplishment of our mission.

Our Guiding Values and Beliefs

We support and strive to live the principles of the Mansfield Creed: Character, Culture, Scholarship and Service:


  • All students and faculty are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Ethical behavior and integrity are fundamental to what we teach in our discipline and we strive to increase awareness of them in all that we do.
  • We model our values and beliefs and share our knowledge and expertise with others. 
  • We encourage communication and dialog that includes open discussion of differences and finding ways to resolve conflict.


  • Our culture and university are enhanced by diversity and support for multiculturalism; psychology courses should recognize and support diversity of people and ideas for the improvement of humankind


  • Our primary responsibility is to foster student learning and to support the application of knowledge through the career and educational aspirations of our students.
  • High academic standards are essential to foster meaningful student learning.
  • Faculty and students should collaborate to create and support a university community dedicated to learning and continuous improvement of our effectiveness.


  • Our discipline establishes a basis for providing service to others.
  • Psychology wisely integrates science and professional practice for building understanding and improving the human quality of life.
  • We serve the academic community and provide leadership when we see opportunities to make a difference.

Department Offices and Facilities

Wanda LaBar OfficeFaculty offices and laboratories for the Psychology Department are in South Hall. The department secretary, Wanda LaBar, (SH 212; 570-662-4771) is able to answer many student questions. She is also able to inform you of the office hours of faculty or receive messages for them. Bulletin boards located on the second floor of South Hall provide students with important current information about job and graduate school opportunities, as well as various department programs.

Research is an integral part of the psychology program and takes place in South Hall. The equipment available includes a variety of laboratory demonstration apparatus as well as some specialized items. A Health Psychology laboratory and other spaces are available for research and demonstration purposes. A computer laboratory provides access to MS Office software, the campus network, and the Internet. This laboratory also provides access to sophisticated statistical programs for data analysis. 

computer lab
Main Office 212
Conference Room 210
Computer Lab 215
Health Psych Lab 204
Multi- Purpose Lab 213
Reading Room 104