University Recognized Clubs/Organizations

University Recognized Clubs/Organizations

Mansfield University offers over 100 registered student organizations empowering students to explore a wide variety of involvement opportunities revolving around advocacy, governance, media, culture, religion, service, arts, sports & more.  Organizations serve to enhance your education and offer a forum for leadership development, critical reflection and civic engagement.  Students who are involved in a student organization enhance their experience by meeting new people, developing leadership skills, pursuing their passions, gaining valuable knowledge and contributing to the Mansfield University community and beyond.

Listed below are current organizations that are recognized by Mansfield University. To obtain officer information about a particular group(s) listed below, contact Donna Miner: or call (570) 662-4342;  For all other organization or club related questions, contact Steve Plesac: or call (570) 662-4982.


If your organization wishes to request funding through SGA, there is a separate process for that. Please contact the Student Government Office (SGA) at 570-662-4984 or for more information.

Airsoft Club

President: William Dolan
Advisor: Jason Welch


Alpha Kappa Lambda


Alpha Kappa Lambda strives to foster excellence in: scholarship, leadership, individual growth, and community service. Their national motto is "Men of character Committed to making a difference."

President: Jimmy Tice
Advisor: Judith Brayer


Alpha Sigma Alpha


A national social sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha's purpose is to assist college females in growing intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically. Participation in the Special Olympics is their philanthropic project. Their open motto is Aspire, Seek, Attain.

 President: Sara Mirra
Advisor: Lindsay Butler


Alpha Sigma Tau


Alpha Sigma Tau is a national sorority that empowers women by instilling the skills necessary to excel in life and inspire its members to enrich their own lives and the lives of others. A minimum 2.5 grade point average is necessary to participate. AST is involved in a variety of social service activities on campus and in the community for the Women's Wellness Initiative, Wounded Warrior Project, Habitat for Humanity and Adopt-a-Highway. Their open motto is: Active, Self-Reliant, Trustworthy.

President: Nicole Ezbiansky
 Advisor: Rochelle Wanner

American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)

The purposes of the Mansfield chapter of ACDA are to provide an incentive for students to become more committed to the art of choral directing at an earlier age.

President: Caroline Hutchinson
Advisor: Dr. Peggy Dettwiler

American String Teachers Association

President:  Chloe Higgins
Advisor:  Dr. Jeffrey Jacobsen



AniMansfield is an organization dedicated to individuals that have an interest in Anime films.

President: Braedyn Post
Advisor: Dr. Madigan


Archery Club


To allow students to enjoy and compete in the sport of Archery.

President: Allie Mace
Advisor: Brian Oaks


Art & Design Guild

art and design

Art and Design Guild is a club in which students involve themselves in projects and activities, exchanging ideas and information within the ever-evolving role of design. Through our goal of linking students to social, political, cultural, and creative issues, we aspire to build awareness of the relationships of art and design within the community and the world around us.

President: Noelle Erickson
Advisor: Michelle Schlehel


Art Exhibition Committee

President: Christopher S. Martin
Advisor: Dr. Mardi Whitehouse


Bass Fishing Team

Bass fishing team


The Bass Fishing Team serves to bring together students that have a common interest in bass fishing. The team also competes in local and regional tournaments.

President: Josh Grassi
 Advisor: John Szentsey


Biology Club

The objectives of the Biology Club include advancing the level of biology knowledge, providing an opportunity for interaction for students with an interest in biology and facilitating discussion on topics and careers in this field.

 President: Claire Bachman
Advisor: Dr. Robert Maris 


Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU is an academic and social support group for students interested in the promotion of the culture and interest of African-Americans, Hispanics, or other students of color.

 President: John Burton
Advisor: David Slampak


Campus Wide Health Challenge

President: Chris Homa


Carontawan- Mountie Yearbook

President: Andrew Putt
Advisor: Dr. Robert Maris




An all inclusive student run organization dedicated to promoting school spirit throughout campus and at athletic events.

President: Shayna Flint
 Advisors: Dr. Robert Maris and
Yvonne Maris


Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club gives students an opportunity to become better acquainted with the field of chemistry. Members and the student body benefit from guest speakers, films, projects, and special programs.

President: Chris Haines
Advisor: Dr. Scott Davis


Colleges Against Cancer


The American Cancer Society's "Colleges Against Cancer" organization is a national collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to fighting cancer, volunteering for the American Cancer Society and improving college communities by instating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society.

President: Sierra Austin
Advisor: Amy DeLozier


Community Service Club


The mission of the Community Service club is to create partnerships between university students, faculty, and staff and the greater Mansfield community through service and involvement. Service projects include Operation snowflake, Seal Team Sticks, Alternative Spring Break, Habitat for Humanity, and other various projects in partnership with local entities.

President: Emily Torres
Advisor: Frank Crofchick


Computer Science Club

This club is open to any student with an interest in computers. It will enhance the opportunities available to the student through guest speakers, field trips, and participation in the Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators (PACISE)

President: Stephen Coles
Advisor: Matthew Haner


Council for Exceptional Children

Council for exceptional children

Membership in the chapter is open to all college students, especially those interested in working with exceptional children. There is a membership fee for joining on the national level, which includes a monthly journal, but it is free to all students for the local level. Members have opportunities to meet and talk with professionals in the field.

President: Rebecca Davis
Advisor: Dr. Moore


Delta Zeta


The object of this sorority shall be to unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge, to promote the moral and social culture of its members and to develop plans for guidance and unity in action; objects worthy of the highest aims and purposes of associated effort.

President: Samantha Orr
Advisor: Nicole Mayo


Domination Modeling

President: Elexis Roie-Smith
Advisor: Belinda Bernum


Double Reed Society

To promote and strengthen the Mansfield University double reed ensembles.

President: Ben Kearns
Advisor: Dr. Susan Laib




ENACTUS believes investing in students who take Entrepreneurial ACTion for US all. Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic, and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life for themselves and their communities. The experience not only transforms lives, it helps students develop the kind of talent and perspective that are essential to leadership in a challenging world.

President: Duncan Espenshade
Advisor: Abe Ghods


Eta Beta Tau (HBT)

HBT is a co-ed, fine arts fraternity on campus that focuses on anti-bullying. We were founded here in 1991, and we strive to promote an accepting and fun atmosphere in our brotherhood.

President: Amanda Sheakoski
Advisor: Dr. Mayo


Fire Ferrets Quidditch Team

MU Fire Ferrets

The MU Fire Ferrets, Mansfield's internationally-competing quidditch team, are a campus Club Sport dedicated to the playing and practicing of quidditch, a full-contact and co-ed sport based on the game played in the Harry Potter series.

President: Sarah Beitler
Advisor: Mike Stamp




The Flashlight is the student newspaper and is published weekly by Mansfield University students. A wide variety of service opportunities are available for staff members including reporting, typing, designing, selling, and taking photographs. Additional staff are always welcome. 

President: Emma Lynch
Advisor: Dan Mason


Future Healthcare Professionals

President: Matthew Moccia
Advisor: Dr. Kagle



Frisbee Club


The Frisbee club is a campus club sport that plays pick-up ultimate frisbee on Wednesday and Thursdays at 8:30pm. The club is made up of players ranging in skill and offers a fun way to get some exercise. For more information, check out the Mansfield University Frisbee Club's Facebook page.

President: Cooper Barshinger
Advisor: Mike Stamp


Geoscience Club

Geoscience Club is a student organization on campus that focuses on Outdoor Recreation and aspects of Geography and Geology in the environment. Trips will be sponsered by the club that take students outdoors and get them exploring the natural area around them.

President: William Dolan
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kopf


Health Science Student Government Association

We, the students of Mansfield University of Pennsylvania at Sayre Campus hereby proclaim and establish this constitution and government of the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania Health Science Student Government Association at Sayre Campus. We as a whole intend to enhance the welfare and common interest of the healthcare students on Sayre Campus and for a more involved government through providing connections and communication between Mansfield Main Campus and Sayre Campus.

President: Alexa Allen
Advisor: Judith Brayer


History Club

History Club

Open to any interested student, regardless of their major, the History Club's purpose is to facilitate students' interest in history and to foster professional growth through activities that allow students to learn more about history and help their community at the same time.

President: Darin Kennedy
Advisor: Dr. Karen Guenther


Honors Association


The Honors Association is a club is a great group that welcomes any and all students. We do a lot of volunteer work including heading a trick or treating for canned goods event every Halloween where we go through town (in costume) and collect canned good for different organizations such as TACO and HAVEN. We also have a lot of fun campus events such as "Hand on a Car", movie nights, bowling and roller skating.

President: Sarah LaFrance
Advisor: Jeffery Bosworth


Horn Club

To strengthen and promote MU Horn Ensembles and, in accordance with the aims and purposes of the International Horn Society, promote "knowledge about the Horn and its literature," and "promote communication among its players".

President: Rachael Rice
Advisor: Rebecca Dodson-Webster


Human Resource Management Club


Our mission is to expand the knowledge of human resource management and give students opportunities to network with professionals in the field, attend conferences, host workshops and discussions.

President: Corrinne Rebuck
Advisor: Dr. Brian Loher


Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)

The Inter-Fraternity Council is the governing body of the men's social fraternities. Its purpose is to promote the best interests of the fraternity system and the university. IFC makes binding rules concerning fraternity policy, and enforces rules for recruitment, association, intramurals, and scholarship. IFC promotes the spirit of cooperation among all fraternities and the highest ideals of fraternalism.

President: Tyler Walters
Advisor: Mary Beth Kollar


Kappa Kappa Psi

kappa kappa psi

Kappa Kappa Psi is a fraternal organization that promotes the advancement of college and university bands through dedicated service and support to bands, comprehensive education, leadership opportunities and recognition, and for the benefit of its members and society.

President: Mercedes Doing
Advisor: Dr Nathan Rinnert


Kappa Phi

Kappa Phi

Kappa Phi is a sisterhood strongly rooted in Christ. We are a non-denominational group of Christian university women. Our purpose is to provide opportunity and challenge to serve Christ through our lives. 

President: Cassandra Miller
Advisor: Denise Haskins



Knit Wits

knit wits

The mission of Knit Wits is ultimately to provide students who are interested in the fiber arts a place to get together and accomplish their craft, or learn how to craft.  The fiber arts include knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, etc.  These art forms are very therapeutic and allow for students to get away from the daily stress of college.  Our meetings are designated for our members to work on projects they want to complete and to promote creativity and education by learning new types of stitches, patterns, and arts.

 President: Alexis Weber
 Advisor: Deborah Rotella


Lambda Alpha Epsilon


We are the nationally recognized co-ed Criminal Justice fraternity here at Mansfield University. We participate in hosting guest speakers on campus, community service events, and we are a great resume builder. .

President: Taylor Koch
Advisor: Justin Crowl


Leo Club

The goal of this organization is to promote service activities among the youth of the community which will develop the individual qualities of Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity. The LEO Club is affiliated with Lions International.

President: Jessica Towey
Adviser: Dr. Robert Maris

Liberty Campus Ministries

President:  Samantha Eckrich
Advisor:  Christopher Cummings


Mansfield Activities Council (MAC)


MAC plans programs and activities for the entire university community, including: movies, concerts, coffeehouses, cultural affairs, as well as feature arts and forums. MAC also assists other university organizations in programming.

President: Chontece Harper
Advisor: Frank Crofchick


Mansfield Fisheries & Aquaculture Club

The purpose of the Aquaculture Club is to plan and provide educational programs and activities for Fish Culture and Biology students. This includes movies, slide shows, seminars, and field trips.

President: Josh Grassi
Advisor: Greg Moyer


Mansfield Hydroponic Club

To grow plants hydroponically in order to supply local homeless shelters and food banks with fresh, free food.

President: Duncan Espenshade
Advisor: Greg Moyer


Mansfield International Student Organization (MISO)

President:  Mengyue Huang
Advisor:  Stephen Wasilewski


Mansfield Military and Veteran's Organization

To support the needs of student veterans at our campus and to support and foster camaraderie between our veterans and military at the campus and the campus community as a whole.

President: Cecil Cooper
Advisor: Jason Welch



Mansfield University Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Club

Brazilian JJ

The mission of Mansfield University Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Club is to provide an environment in which students can learn, train, and compete in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, as well as pursue deeper understanding of the strategy, technique, and philosophy that is the foundation of its superiority as a martial art.

President: Edward Jones
Advisor: Amy Delozier


Mansfield University Community Health Club (MUCH)



President: Josh Petro
Advisor: Glorianne Dziuba

Mansfield University Lifting Club

President:  Ralph Briggs Jr.
Advisor:  Joshua Battin


Mansfield University Nerf Club

Nerf club

The purpose of this organization is to promote leadership roles, encourage teamwork, provide a healthy activity for students, and provide relief from classes to students and interested faculty.

President: Joshua Kosek
Advisor: Frank Crofchick


Mansfield University Rock Climbing Club

The Rock Climbing Club is all about getting outdoors, climbing, and meeting new people and growing the climbing community. We will teach you the skills you need to rock climb and provide a safe and adventurous climbing session.

President: Brandon Dubble
Advisor: Jimmy Guignard

Mansfield University Table Tennis

Our mission is to provide students at Mansfield University the opportunity to enjoy and share the common interest of Table Tennis and skill development.

President:  Vladimir Hoeger
Advisor:  Dave Slampak


Mansfield University Table Top (MUTT)

Table Top


President: Ryan Brown
Advisor: Anthony Kiessling

Men for Progress

President: Terrence Richardson
Advisor: Kacy Hagan


Musical Theatre Organization (MTO)

The purpose of the Music Theatre Organization (MTO) will be to promote music theatre at Mansfield University, in the community and surrounding area; provide opportunities for professional development to all members; provide opportunities for the campus community to become acquainted with artists and educators in the music theatre profession through participation in programs, demonstrations, discussions, workshops, and performances planned by this chapter; and to assist the university in musical productions throughout the year.

President:  Brian Vanvestraut & Brady Bennett
Adviser: Sheryl Monkelien


MU Dance Team

The MU Dance Team serves to entertain students and community members at sporting events with a wide-variety of music and dance.

President: Catherine James
Advisor: Amy Delozier


MU Nursing Association (MUNA)


The purpose of this organization is to: 1) provide each member with the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the organization by encouraging participation as an individual and as members. 2) To assist each other in achieving professional and social growth through participation in this organization as well as similar organizations in area, state, and national levels and 3) to develop an interest in recruitment to nursing and to this school.

President: Ashlee Derrick
Advisor: Jennifer Carapella


MU String Project

String Project at Mansfield University provides an educational opportunity for MU string majors, provides teaching opportunities to MU string majors, provides community members opportunities to learn string instruments.

President: Chloe Higgins
Advisor: Jeff Jacobsen


MUTV Productions


Purposes of the TV Club include exposing members to the world of TV and TV production, promoting an exchange of ideas with respect to TV production and promoting a cooperative attitude between faculty members and students in the Communication and Theater Department. 

President: Andrea Bohart
Advisor: Dr. Chuck Hoy

National Alliance of Saxophonists

NASA is a student run organization that is part of a national organization which operates to further the composition and performance of saxophone music.

President: Richard Pollock
Adviser: Joseph Murphy




To Know Christ and to Make Him Known®

The Navigators® is an international, interdenominational Christian ministry that helps people grow in Jesus Christ as they navigate through life. The Navigators at Mansfield University is a volunteer outreach of that ministry, that presents a growth promoting environment for students to develop character, scholarship, community, and service through spiritual development and relations.
President: Nicholas Duffy
Advisor: Dr. Tony Kiessling


Order of Omega

Order of Omega is an honor fraternity for social Greeks under the Panhellenic and Interfraternal Conference. The purpose of Order of Omega is to recognize fraternity men and sorority women who have attained a high standard of leadership and inspirational to others.

President: Katie Benelli
Advisor: Tiffany Welch


Panhellenic Council


The Panhellenic Council is the governing body for all women's social sororities. The branches of the Panhellenic Council compile the rules and regulations by which the sororities abide in harmony with national regulations. Panhellenic Council sponsors Recruitment, the Panhellenic Handbook, and in cooperation with the Inter-Fraternity Council, Panhellenic co-sponsors Greek Week (in April).

President: Mary Jane Warner
 Advisor: Mary Beth Kollar


Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educations Association (PCMEA)

President: Dan Rodriguez
Advisor: Sherlyn Monkelien


Phi Alpha Honor Society

 Phi Alpha

The Phi Alpha  honor society (Eta Chi Chapter) is dedicated to promoting scholastic achievement and in fostering the goals and objectives of social work globally.  Phi Alpha is student directed and sponsors such things as a mentoring program for new students, campus speakers relevant to social work, fundraising and other activities determined by the membership.  The national organization of Phi Alpha offers many generous scholarships for members.

President: Alex Hileman
Advisor: Dr. Mary Daly


Phi Beta Lambda

President: Kayla Hackett
Advisor: Dr. Kutty


Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

phi mu alpha

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is the world's oldest and largest secret Fraternity in music. It is made up of musicianly men of all majors whom music has affected and influenced throughout their lives who seek to promote it throughout their lives. Phi Mu Alpha is dedicated to instilling in all people an awareness of music's important role in the enrichment of the human spirit. Check them out here:

President: Cole Ramsey 
Advisor: Andrew Walters


Phi Sigma Kappa

President:  Devin MacGeorge
Advisor:  Dr. Tim Madigan

Photography Club

The Photography Club seeks to develop student interest in the art of photography. Students aid in projects and programs around campus by taking pictures for publicity purposes as well as preserving memories.

President: Krista Pazzaglia
Advisor: Martha Campbell


Political Science Club

The purpose of the Political Science Club is to develop interest in and stimulate conversation about, politics on a local, state, and national level.

President: Scotty Reed
Advisor: Jonathon Rothermel 



The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is open to, and interested in all students. We offer students the chance to generate creative ideas and put those ideas into action, to better our community on and off campus.

President: Mallory Kotulka
Adviser: Holly Pifer


Psi Chi

Psi chi

Psi Chi the international honor society in psychology. The mission of Psi Chi is to recognize and promote excellence in the science and application of psychology.

President: Drew Mitchell
Advisor: Gretchen Sechrist


Psychology Club

 The purpose of the Psychology Club is to advance interest and knowledge of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields.

President: Olga Bilardi
Advisor: Gretchen Sechrist


Psychology Research Group

The mission of this group is to produce a well-educated, ethical and socially responsible researcher committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology and to society in general.

President: Jessica Hann
Advisor: Karri Verno


Sigma Alpha Epsilon


Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a social fraternity that was established at Mansfield University in 2004. The purpose of this organization is to promote the highest ideas of friendship, scholarship, service, and character.

President: Elijah Burno
Advisor: Larry Mansfield


Sigma Alpha Iota


Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI) is an international music fraternity that upholds high standards of musicianship, scholarship, sisterhood, and character. Any second semester woman who has at least 1 credit in music, and a 2.5 QPA may be considered for membership.

 President: Alexandra Taylor
Advisor: Eun-Joo Kwak


Sigma Zeta

President: Stephanie Richards
Advisor: Dr. Maris



Snow Sports Club

Snow sports

To provide a safe, inexpensive learning environment in regards to winter activities including but not limited to skiing and snowboarding.

President: Jordan Grimes
Advisor: Steve Plesac


Social Work Club

The Social Work Club is an integral part of the department and seeks to foster dialogue between the faculty and the students. The club meets regularly to determine members' attitudes and feelings regarding policy, requirements, and curriculum. It is a vehicle through which students are exposed to the professional world of human services in general and professional social work in particular.

President: Eric Grant
Advisor: Tiffany Welch



Spectrum is the LGBTQ+ Alliance Organization on campus. We are an organization which is dedicated to the support of LGBTQ+ youth and young adults, advocacy of LGBTQ+ issues and injustices, and the education of the spectrum. We host many events on campus and our group consists of members within the community and allies alike! Come check us out!

President: Griffin Stone
Advisor: Gretchen Sechrist

Steadman Studios

President: Steven Backenstoes
Advisor: Andrew Walters


Student Alumni Ambassadors


President: Sara Schwartz
Advisor: Lindsey Sikorski


Student Athletic Advisory Committee

President:  Spencer Zuraski
Advisor:  Christopher Cummings


Student Composer Society

President: Joshua Johnson
Advisor: Andrew Walters


Student Dietetic Association

This organization is open to anyone interested in dietetics and/or food service management. Members learn about their future professions through invited speakers, educational field trips, movies and dinners. Anyone is welcome.

President: Emily Blidy
Advisor: Mary Feeney


Student Government Association (SGA)


The Student Government Association is the elected governing body representing Mansfield's students. SGA is comprised of a Senate, and an executive committee comprised of the: President, Vice-President for Finance, Vice-President of Programming, Vice-President for Administration, Vice-President of Senate, Vice-President of Public Relations, and Secretary. Visit our website

President: Jared Holmes
Advisor: Frank Crofchick


Student PSEA

President:  Hannah Swartwood
Advisor:  Rebecca Parks

Students Advocating for Everyone (SAFE)



Tau Beta Sigma

President: Brrent Rounsville
Advisor: Rebecca Dodson-Webster


Truth Bible Study

President: Kathleen Straniere
Advisor: Tim Parker


Transfer Student Organization

To provide a platform for Transfer Students to find identity and support as seasoned students entering from other institutions. The unity to be established with the creation of this organization will provide the needed strength and camaraderie to enable students to become active members of the "Mansfield Family", building the Mountie spirit to "pay it forward" in service to the university. TSO will enable Transfer Students to have a voice on campus.

President: Anna Fink
Advisor:  Deborah Rotella


Weightlifting Club

President: Ralph Briggs Jr.
Advisor: Joshua Battin




WNTE 89.5 "The Giant" is dedicated to providing educational, informative, and entertaining programming for the campus and within a 10 mile radius of Mansfield. Radiating at 89.5 megacycles, WNTE is a 115 watt educational FM station, licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. With a live studio in the Alumni Hall Student Center game room, WNTE welcomes all interested students to join in the fun of broadcasting.

President: Sydney Hartman
Advisor: Ryan Dalton


Zeta Tau Alpha


Zeta Tau Alpha is a international women's social fraternity with the open motto: Seek the Noblest. ZTA strives for academic excellence, while maintaining a high social standard of conduct. Individual interests include a variety of well-rounded activities: sports, the arts, Student Government, and community service projects among others. ZTA is also proud partners with the American Cancer Society, Bright Pink, and the NFL to further breast cancer education and awareness.

President: Katie Benelli
Advisor: Amy Delozier