Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Below is some general information for employees at MU: 

Address Changes - Any employee who has moved or their address has changed will need to update their information with payroll. This is very important for several reasons. Primarily, your local tax information has most likely changed and you will want to ensure that the proper tax location has been designated. Secondly, if you have benefits, they are updated with your new information. Finally, on occasion Human Resources or PASSHE may need to mail communications to your home (i.e. Healthy U, W-2, etc.) and we want to make sure that it gets to you. This is not something that can be done through ESS.

Cell Phone Stipend Policy - All faculty, staff and administrators who, as a part of their official university employment, have a constant and recurring need for using a wireless communications device. This stipend is intended to reimburse the employee for the business use of the device.

Direct Deposit - Allows the state system to automatically deposit your pay directly into your checking or savings account at a financial institution. Most employees choosing direct deposit find it is safer and more convenient than receiving checks. You may either fill out the form or go to ESS and enter your information.

Dual Employment - Employees who work in one area of the university but are asked to complete work in a different area of the university outside of their normal work hours and are compensated for that time. 

Employee Self Service (ESS) - A web-based secure service that provides employees with the ability to view information related to their employment with Mansfield University. It is an excellent opportunity to ensure that information is correct and up to date.

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closing Guidelines - In the event of inclement weather, declared emergency situations or other unusual conditions, it may be necessary to delay operations or close Mansfield University. Review of these guidelines will assist you in following the proper procedures.

Leave Request Form - Employees who are not yet set up with ESS may use this form to request leave. It will need to be signed by your supervisor then given to payroll for processing.

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) -  PSECU is a not-for-profit credit union providing a full array of convenient, electronically delivered services at no or low cost. They are proud to be one of the largest credit unions in Pennsylvania!  Students, alumni, faculty and staff of PASSHE are eligible for membership. Check them out if you would like to find out more about PSECU or would like to join.

Timesheet - Temporary employees or employees who need to submit hours worked above and beyond their normal hours worked will need to fill out a timesheet, have it approved by your supervisor, and turned in to Payroll for processing.


Tuition Waiver - Employees working for Mansfield University may be eligible to receive a tuition waiver for themselves, spouse or their child based on contract agreements. Please review your specific union contract for eligibility requirements. 

Tuition Waiver Request Form for Managers

Tuition Waiver Request Form for AFSCME, APSCUF, Coaches, SCUPA & SPFPA

 W-4 - This form is required for all employees. An employee may complete a new W-4 as often as s/he chooses during the calendar year. The payroll office cannot offer tax advice to the employee but will help the employee to complete the form. We can advise whether your changes will increase or decrease the amount of tax being withheld. Any further questions may be answered by your tax preparer.

Hiring Forms: