Academic Standards Review Board

Academic Standards Review Board

Procedures for First Dismissals

The student, following the academic dismissal notification, may request a hearing with the Academic Standards Review Board, if in the student's opinion, there is sufficient reason to appeal the dismissal.

A.) After receiving the dismissal notification, the student may choose to appeal by calling and requesting an appointment for a hearing through the office of Academic Advising Center(570-662-4824).

B.) After calling the center of Academic Advising and requesting an appointment for the hearing, the student should contact by phone either their department chairperson or a faculty member of their choice to appear before the Board with them at the appropriate time.

C.) The student is expected to address to the Chairperson of the Review Board a written appeal stating his/her case. Do not mail this letter to the Board, but bring your typed letter and three (3) photocopies to the hearing with you. The Board will not hear a student appeal without a written statement.

D.) The student's written statement is read by the Board before the student discusses his/her case with the Board. The voting members of the Academic Standards Review Board consider all necessary records of the student. The student is then given the opportunity to speak to the Board.

E.) Following the presentation of the appeal, the Board members vote by secret ballot and the student is notified immediately of the Board's decision. A majority vote of the members determines the decision of each appeal.

F.) Students failure to appear constitutes a waiver of the appeal and results in a final dismissal.

G.) In the event that the student does not apply for reinstatement, he/she may not enroll in any Mansfield University courses for one calendar year beginning on the first day of the following semester after dismissal. In such cases, we advise that the student attend another college or university in the interim. At the end of the year, the student may apply to the Admissions Office for readmission.

H.) If you live on campus and you are academically dismissed, it is the student's responsibility to make the necessary arrangements with the Housing Office (570-662-4934) to pick up your possessions no later than three days before the start of the semester following dismissal.