Crisis Do's & Don'ts

Crisis Do's & Don'ts

peopleChances are you might encounter a crisis situation during your time at school. It may be a medical scenario, an accident, or other emergency. These tips can help.

If a friend seems ill, intoxicated or drugged, get help immediately! Don't worry about getting them "in trouble." Your friend's safety and well-being need to be your foremost concern.

Stay as calm as possible. Quick, clear-headed thinking can make all the difference.

Don't hamper the efforts of medical or emergency personnel. Get out of the way and help with crowd control, if you can.

If someone is bleeding, apply pressure and ask someone else to get help immediately.

Don't play the hero by stepping into a volatile situation. Chances are you'll get hurt and make the situation worse. Instead, get help from R.A.'s, University Police, and others so it can be handled safely and effectively.

Don't transport friends to the hospital. Most of us could do more harm than good by moving someone who has been injured. Ambulance personnel can work on your friend en route.