Since we provide services covering a wide range of issues, your counseling experience will be tailored to your individual needs. During your first meeting with a counselor, your needs will be explored and a strategy developed to help you reach your goals.

Services are delivered through the following approaches:

  1. Individualized counseling for personal problem-solving consists of a one-to-one approach employing a variety of accepted counseling techniques.
  2. Group counseling consists of a small group of peers plus a member of the counseling staff. Groups may focus on a specific topic such as assertiveness training, stress reduction, test anxiety, career exploration, or college adjustment or may have a more general focus of self understanding. 
  3. Consultation services are provided to the faculty, staff and community-at-large on a variety of topics. Workshops may be delivered in the classroom, residence hall, or with a community group. 

We will also refer to, and work in conjunction with, outside professionals (i.e., psychiatrists, medical doctors) if this becomes necessary. If a psychiatric evaluation is appropriate, the University will refer you to our consulting psychiatrist. The evaluation and the first three visits will be at no cost to the client (THIS APPLIES TO STUDENTS ONLY).

If hospitalization becomes necessary, your counselor will make every effort to work with you in order to choose a facility which will be beneficial to you and in which you will feel comfortable.

In both of the above situations, your counselor will remain involved in your treatment, if you so wish, and will continue working with you after you return to the University, taking into consideration any recommendations made by outside professionals.

Through the use of the approaches listed above, we have helped clients cope more efficiently in many areas including:

  • deeper self understanding 
  • feelings of depression or loneliness 
  • sexuality issues 
  • stress 
  • performance anxiety 
  • career decisions 
  • study habits and time management 
  • homesickness 
  • understanding relationships
  • concentrations and studying 
  • academic advising 
  • eating disorders 
  • learning disabilities

Please visit us at the Counseling Center if you have any concerns, issues, or just wish to talk to someone. We are always willing and available to listen and help you resolve any conflicts you may have. There is no shame in asking for help, the only shame lies in giving up without reaching out.