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1857 Seminary Rules

Note: This list of rules and regulations was recently discovered among the papers of William Barden, MD, who practiced medicine in Mansfield from the 1830’s to 1880’s. The Seminary became Mansfield State Normal School in 1862, so these rules existed between 1857 and 1862.

Mansfield Classical Seminary Rules and Regulations

  1. Students shall arise in the morning at the ringing of the bell, and have their lights extinguished by ten in the Evening.
  2. During study hours, no Student shall leave the Seminary yard, nor visit another’s Room, nor make any noise that shall disturb others, nor absent himself from his room except at the hour of his Recitation.
  3. The rooms shall be at all times accessible to the Teachers or Steward.
  4. The Students shall be responsible for Improper Conduct in their respective Rooms and for Damages done to their Rooms, or other property belonging to the Institution.
  5. Students are forbidden to leave town, or to be absent from their Rooms at Night, or to go abroad to spend the Sabbath with friends or others—without special permission.
  6. Playing games of Chance, using Tobacco on the premises, employing profane or immodest Language, Drinking Intoxicating Liquors, and all other Practices calculated to injure the Morals, or disturb the good order of the School are entirely prohibited.
  7. All Students are required to attend Public worship at least once on the Sabbath at such place as their parents or guardians may direct.
  8. A strict observance of the Christian Sabbath will be required of all the Students.
  9. All Students are required to manifest a proper respect and deference for the Authority of the Teachers.
  10. All are required to be regular and punctual in their attendance at Morning Prayers.
  11. As a precaution against Fire, every Student shall have his pail filled with water, before retiring for the Night.
  12. Punctuality in attending Recitations and regular Seminary exercises will be required.
  13. No Student shall discontinue a Study, without the consent of his Teacher and of the Principal.
  14. No Gun-Powder or Firearms shall be kept upon the Premises.
  15. Students shall not throw Ashes, Rubbish or Sweepings from the Windows of the building.
  16. No Rubbish shall be swept into the Halls, after they have been swept for the Day.
  17. No Student shall visit the Kitchen or Wash House, except when permitted.
  18. No Fire shall be made in the stoves after Half past nine in the Evening.
  19. Students shall give information when required, or any disorderly conduct coming to their knowledge.
  20. Gentlemen shall not visit Ladies’ Rooms, nor shall the two Sexes associate together in Walking or Riding without permission from the Principal or Preceptress.
  21. Teachers shall keep a correct Record of the Recitations and Deportment of each Student, to be inspected by Parents or Guardians, and to be read Publicly, at the close of each Term.
  22. Students shall faithfully observe such other Rules as may be made by the Faculty, from time to time.
  23. Those showing a disposition to willfully violate the Rules, will of mild means and kind counsel fail, be promptly dismissed from the School.