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Historical Documents

Historical Documents

seminary 18571857 Seminary Rules - This list of rules and regulations list was recently discovered among the papers of William Barden, MD, who practiced medicine in Mansfield from the 1830’s to 1880’s. The Seminary became Mansfield State Normal School in 1862, so these rules existed between 1857 and 1862.

Articles of Associations - The following Articles of Association, recorded in the Court of Common Pleas March, 1855, is the document that gave birth to Mansfield Classical Seminary.

Articles of Incorporation - The following is a copy of the Articles of Incorporation which formed the foundation and parameters of the borough

Liquor Prohibition - Mansfield was once a dry town, with not an ounce of legal liquor to be found for miles. Here’s the 1867 law that kept liquor out of Mansfield for more than a century.