Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Education Majors Must Have Professional Liability Insurance

New Teacher Education Requirement:  Mansfield University’s Teacher Education Council passed new policy that will impact all education majors as of February 3, 2010, and is effective immediately. This policy requires that education majors provide proof of having secured professional liability insurance (in addition to clearances) in order to participate in any field experiences. Professional in-service teachers in schools today carry professional liability insurance and this requirement affords Mansfield University’s pre-service teachers similar protections. 

Rationale: Mansfield University understands the need for all of its education majors to be legally protected in the event that something unfortunate happens in a field observation that sends a student into court. Good people/teachers are wrongly accused every day of acts they never committed and far more folks have found themselves in court over something as simple as a child throwing a pencil. The best intentioned and most careful people can and do end up in court.   It is with this in mind that professional liability insurance policy has been instituted.

Securing Insurance and Cost:  Securing liability insurance is actually a simple process. You can secure liability insurance on-line through one of three professional organizations, Student PSEA, CEC, or NAfME. Student PSEA membership includes liability insurance, so this might be the best option for many students (1 year membership = $30, 2 year membership = $53, 3 year membership = $73, and 4 year membership = $90). CEC and NAfME membership do not include liability insurance, but you can get it for around $30 additional dollars. Please see the website for more information.

Proof of Insurance:  Please submit proof of your professional liability coverage to The Educational Field Experience Office, 204 Retan. You may forward your confirmation e-mail to, drop a hard copy of your confirmation off in 204 Retan, or fax your confirmation proof to 570-662-4364. The sooner you obtain liability insurance the better. In addition to leaving yourself vulnerable to potential liability, you also risk not being able to complete course requirements. 

Graduate Students Who are Teaching:  If you have professional liability insurance coverage under your current teaching position, please verify that the insurance will cover you if you are outside of your current teaching responsibilities. For example, will you be covered if you are take your lunch period to complete a required field component in a classroom other than your own? Mansfield University wants you to verify your coverage. It would be a devastating to be entangled in a situation without coverage. If there are any doubts, please get the coverage listed above. MU would rather you be safe than sorry. Thank you for sending all proof of coverage to Retan 204.

Professional Response:  Thank in you advance for you professional response to this important issue. Please contact Ms. McClure at 662-4024 if you have any questions or concerns. 

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)     Professional Liability Insurance from CEC

The National Association for Music Education (NAfME)      Professional Liability Insurance from NAfME

The Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA)     (Note: PSEA membership includes professional liability insurance.)