Sample Application Packet

Sample Application Packet

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Student Teaching General Information


To qualify for student teaching, a student must:

  1. submit a complete student teaching application.
  2. have sufficient semester hours of credit to be able to graduate or complete the program within the academic year during which student teaching is planned.
  3. meet academic standards as outlined in Mansfield University's college catalog, departmental and university handbooks. 
  4. meet Pennsylvania Department of Education minimum quality point average as defined in Pennsylvania Act 354. The PDE has QPA requirements that raised the minimum QPA to 3.0. The cumulative QPA students must meet depends on when they entered the upper level portion of their education program and achieved Teacher Education Certification Candidacy (TECC) status. Students received an Act 354 “Gates” letter from the Certification Officer identifying the cumulative QPA they must meet. The cumulative QPA requirement for student teaching is a state law and no student will be allowed to student teach if he or she does not hold the required cumulative QPA. If you do not hold the required cumulative QPA when student teaching placements are finalized and confirmed, your placement will be canceled. Placements for Fall student teaching will be canceled after July 1st and placements for Spring student teaching will be canceled after August 10th for those students who do not hold the appropriate cumulative QPA. If your cumulative QPA falls below the required cumulative QPA level after the student teaching application has been processed, your placement will be held in abeyance. You must notify the Office of Field Experiences when you again hold the appropriate cumulative QPA. 
  5. have completed the appropriate teaching methods courses related to your area of specialization as well as all prerequisites as outlined in the student teaching application packet.
  6. be approved for student teaching by the chair of the appropriate department (including dispositions.)
  7. provide proof of a current negative tuberculosis test (Spruce Clinic #4350), proof of  ACT 34 Criminal Record Check, proof of an ACT 151 Child Abuse Clearance, proof of a PA Fingerprint Clearance, proof of professional liability insurance (see below), proof of ACT 24 Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form, the Student Teaching Handbook Clearance, and the ACT 126 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training.

Transportation and Housing

It is your responsibility to arrange dependable transportation to your cooperating schools. If you plan to use a car on campus at any time during the semester, the car must be registered with the University's Department of Police Services and Safety.

You are responsible for securing housing during student teaching. You should use good judgment in obtaining acceptable housing. Lists of possible residences may be obtained from local school authorities, newspaper listings, or local realtors. Do not sign a lease or make final arrangements until you have received your confirmed student teaching placement because placements can change between the initial and final student teaching placement.

Insurance While Student Teaching

Professional Liability Insurance - You must have professional liability insurance to participate in student teaching since you could be liable for your own negligence even when a certified teacher is present in the classroom. You may obtain professional liability insurance as a member of a professional organization such as the Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (SPSEA.) You must provide evidence of liability insurance through one of these organizations or through your own insurance provider.

Outside Activities/Classes During Student Teaching

Student teachers, as a matter of policy, are not permitted to take any courses during student teaching. Exceptions to the policy are made in extreme cases only and then only for up to 3 credits of course work needed for graduation or certification. You must submit the request on a petition form, which must be approved by your advisor, appropriate departmental chairperson, and the Director of Field Experiences. Petition forms are available online and from the Field Experience Office.

Student teachers are strongly discouraged from holding a job while student teaching. If you decide to work during student teaching you should notify your university supervisor and the Field Experiences Office in writing. If a conflict arises between the responsibilities of student teaching and the job, you may have to choose between the two.

Application for Teacher Certification

Pennsylvania Teacher Certification

New York Teacher Certification Handout


Check the Field Experiences web page at frequently for important information and updates.

Questions may be directed to Beth McClure at (570) 662-4024, or, or in the Office of Educational Field Experiences, Room 204 Retan Center.

Student Teaching Placements

Once the complete Student Teaching Application has been submitted, students are given tentative student teaching placements. Student teaching placements are made based on faculty assessment of the student’s educational and professional development needs, the available participating schools, and the region preferences and other needs of the student.

The University maintains a 50 mile commitment when placing students. The University does not assign student teachers to schools in their home communities, in the school districts which they attended or where close relatives work. The student’s departmental chairperson reviews requests for exceptions to this practice.

The Office of Field Experiences makes all arrangements for student teaching with the cooperating school districts and schools. Students, or their families, may not solicit their own student teaching placements in the schools. All interaction with the cooperating teachers and schools originates with Office of Field Experiences. Student teaching may be denied if this policy is violated.

Tentative Student Teaching Placements

Efforts will be made to accommodate your preferences for placement region. However factors such as limited numbers of cooperating teachers in your discipline, multiple requests for the same placements, changes in teaching placements for cooperating teachers within their schools, limitations on the number of student teachers a school or district will accommodate, and limitations on distances university supervisors can travel may influence the final placement.

Initial Student Teaching Placements are tentative and subject to change. Reasons for change may include: 

  • changes in teaching placement for cooperating teachers by the school district;
  • cooperating teacher or principal does not wish to have a student teacher in the classroom during the upcoming academic year;
  • retirement or staff reductions within districts;
  • district decisions to limit the number of student teachers being accommodated; and
  • significant changes in curriculum or methodology being implemented within the district that requires undivided attention of cooperating teacher.

Final Student Teaching Placement

Once tentative student teaching placements have been made, the Office of Field Experiences confirms the placements with the school districts. Placements are adjusted according to any changes at the school or district and the final placements are made. Only after the schools have accepted the final placements are students notified of their final student teaching placements.

Student Teaching Placement Timetable


May 1st  - Tentative student placements are distributed by the Office of Field Experiences

August 1st -  Fall semester student teachers receive their confirmed placements

December 1st -  Spring semester student teachers receive their confirmed placements

Upon receipt of your confirmed placement letter, you should plan to contact your first cooperating teacher and to make final housing arrangements.



Print One for the Field Experience Office
Your ID number is on the upper right of your Mansfield University ID card.

Data Sheet

Print and staple two for the Field Experience Office 
If you need additional lines for the college section use the shift enter process to get to the next line.
(Shift+enter will move the text down one line without starting a new paragraph. When the PDF printable version is generated it will include all the text submitted without worry of running out of space.)

File Folder Label: Please fill it out.

Notify the Field Experience Office (204 Retan) of any changes (intent to student teach, semester of student teaching, address, phone, or name) immediately!! Changes are not communicated to our office from Academic Records.

Use the same username and password you use to access D2L.

Deadlines for Clearances and TB Tine/Mantoux:

Fall, 2019 Student Teachers will need to provide the eight clearances:  a TB Tine; an ACT 34; an ACT 151; a PA fingerprint clearance; proof of professional liability insurance; an ACT 24 Arrest/Conviction Report & Certification Form; as well as, the Student Teaching Handbook Clearance, and proof of ACT 126 Training,  dated no earlier than February 1, 2019 and no later than June 30, 2019.

Spring, 2020 Student Teachers will need to provide the eight clearances: a TB Tine; an ACT 34; an ACT 151; a PA fingerprint clearance; proof of professional liability insurance; an ACT 24 Arrest/Conviction Report &Certification Form; as well as, the Student Teaching Handbook Clearance, and proof of ACT 126 Training,  dated no earlier than June 15, 2019 and no later than September 30, 2019.

Student Teaching assignments will be cancelled if this state law and university policy is not complied with.


Turn In:

  1. One Application Form Action Page
  2. One Tentative Plans - signed by your advisor
  3. One Required Recommended Courses - signed by your advisor
  4. Two Data Sheet - typed to perfection and stapled
  5. One yellow file folder containing all of the above

Keep all other information for future reference 

Tentative Teaching Regions

You may identify three (3) teaching regions in which you prefer to student teach. Please note that, to the extent possible, we will make every effort to honor your preference(s). However limitations placed by the district, limited cooperating teachers in some disciplines, and/or multiple requests for the same regions may not enable us to place you in your preferred districts. The university determines the location and semester in which you will student teach. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE STUDENTS TO MAKE CONTACT WITH POTENTIAL COOPERATING TEACHERS AND/OR ADMINISTRATORS. The Office of Educational Field Experiences makes all contacts on behalf of the university.

Click here for the list.


Visit to complete the application

Please print 1 copy of the confirmation page for the Educational Field Experiences Office and one for your records.

SAMPLE Application for Student Teaching