Club Sports

Club Sports

Mission Statement

The Club Sports program mission is to provide a broad spectrum of sport, recreation, competitive, and leisure activities for all students of Mansfield University. These activities should promote healthy lifestyles, wellness, leadership development, and physical activity. The Club Sports program is designed to enrich the University experience while providing a training ground for leadership, organizational development, and teaching with the support of the University community. The emphasis of the program is student leadership, development, and involvement.

Club Sports Defined (and vs. Intramurals)

The classification of Club Sport applies to organizations that are composed of enrolled students that are voluntarily participating in competitions of a physical nature against other non-Mansfield University institutions or organizations on or off of the Mansfield University campus. Club Sports provide an opportunity for students to get together regularly to play a sport they love or would like to learn, though they do not meet as often or for as long as varsity teams. Club Sports are typically managed and run by the participants themselves, along with an advisor that is most often a University faculty or staff member (minimum of co-advisor with this type of current position held). Club Sports provide an opportunity for competition at specialized levels, participation in events/tournaments, and opportunities to practice. Many clubs provide instruction and opportunities for skill development, and typically no prior experience with a particular program is necessary.

Club Sports offers opportunities for students in a variety of ways, including but not limited to those that may have been competitive athletes in high school, those that may not have had access or opportunity to certain programs, the chance to develop skills in a new activity, the ability to meet new challenges, and to engage with new friends. There is opportunity to join an already existing Club Sport, along with the chance to develop a Club Sport for which you have a passion, but may not already exist on our campus.

As for Intramural activities, an extensive variety of competitive and recreational Intramural programs are offered here at Mansfield University at the Kelchner Fitness Center. Intramurals are teams of Mansfield University students competing against other Mansfield University students. Intramurals and Club Sports are equally enjoyable and rewarding opportunities for students. The biggest difference between Club Sports and Intramural teams is that Intramural teams do not compete against other non-Mansfield University institutions or organizations on or off of the Mansfield University campus. They also do not typically meet as often or for as long as Club Sports. There is tremendous benefit in both Club Sports and Intramurals - explore the opportunity that best suits your interests!